England Qualify for Russia 2018

It was comfortable in the end but England have now qualified for Russia 2018. We can all sit back and look ahead to the draw in December knowing we are guaranteed a place at next year’s festival of football. Even though it was one of the easiest qualifying groups we’ve ever had for any major tournament we should still be proud that we got through the campaign undefeated.

Late goals from Harry Kane saved us a couple of times and we also so some assured performances from England newcomers like Marcus Rashford and Harry Winks. With the Under 20s and Under 17s both winning their respective World Cups in recent months there is a hope among England fans that some of those players will graduate to the Senior squad in the next few years and help us to global success at the top level. While most of them will not be included next summer we are reliant on the current crop of youngsters who make up the senior team.

Many of England’s players are enjoying success with their clubs in the season’s Champions League such as Harry Kane and Deli Alli fresh from a comprehensive victory over holders Real Madrid. Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling are also playing regularly in a very strong Manchester City team along withe Phil Jones and Marcus Rashford across the city at Man United. These are key players who will be going into the tournament next year with vital high level experience.

The month of June next year will be filled with football coming out of Russia which is one of the biggest countries in the world – spanning eight time zones. Once the draw has been made then Gareth Southgate can start planning for getting us out of the group stages. In the meantime, we have friendly matches this week against Germany and Brazil, two teams that would have high opes of winning the tournament next summer.

What Makes It the Beautiful Game

It is difficult to count the thousands of football fans in the world. But, the tremendous appeal of football does not mean that people know everything about the sport. Keep reading this article and you will acquire great knowledge of this beloved game.

Football is a sport that is recognised in all corners, particularly Europe and South America. It has a big following in Africa and Asia too. Parts of the world where it is not so well known include North America and Australasia. Both of these areas have their own sports which are not dissimilar to both football and rugby. The two codes of rugby are the major winter sports.

Canada has ice hockey and India has cricket but for many other nations, football is the main spectator sport. The World Cup is usually second only to the Olympics as a global festival of sport!

Although ancient history shows evidence of football like sports being played in antiquity, it is generally recognised that football as we know it today was spawned in England in the 1800s and spread throughout the British empire and across Europe in the time period after that. The big South American nations had large European migration in the 19th Century to which the global spread of football is attributed.

The major football festivals such as the World Cup, European Championships and the African Cup of Nations get huge audienec figures around the globe and attract vast sums of money in sponsorship. Even to the point where the sports governing body, FIFA, is constantly accused of corruption!

Hooliganism is a problem that has dogged football for many years and even with the advent of all seater stadia the problem still exists. Even to the point where there is genuine concern about Russian Ultra thugs lying in wait at the 2018 World Cup that they are hosting. This is the dark side of football and can be very sinister.

Football is a sport that has a long, fabled history in countries across the globe. Despite that fact, there are plenty of people who don’t know about the sport. Hopefully this article has helped make clear a few of the fundamentals of the game and why it is so popular.

Build Up to the Euros

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The Euros start on June 10th and England are already playing their warm up friendly games ahead of their matches with Russia, Wales and Slovakia. With a 2-1 win last weekend against Turkey, England followed that up with another 2-1 win over Australia with debutant, Marcus Rashford, scoring on his debut at the tender age of 18.

England manager, Roy Hodgson, has until Tuesday May 31st to name his squad and still has some important decisions to make over squad selection. One of those decisions is whether to include Rashford in the squad after his meteoric rise at his club, Manchester United, this year.

The favourites for the tournament are current World Champions, Germany, closely followed by hosts, France. Although many people think England’s young team are a good outside bet. However, most commentators agree that Russia 2018 may be a better bet for Hodgson’s young England side.

The action kicks off early next month and fans are expecting a festival of football at what will be the largest Euros to date with the addition of 8 extra teams in the new format. We look forward to some great football, lots of goals and success for our England team. Good luck to Roy and the boys!


Careers in Football

One of the best career choices for anyone who loves English football is to become a coach. People who are enthusiastic about football can spend their time helping players to become better. For lovers of football there could be no better choice for a career. Not only will it provide them with a sense of purpose but they will enjoy working every day at something they love.

English football coaches develop the techniques, knowledge, and motivation of football players. They help the players to understand the importance of teamwork and how players can work together as a team. This will give them success on and off the field. For anyone who desires to become a football coach they will need to take the coaching qualifications from the Football Association. They will also need to possess a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy so as to inspire players and fellow coaches.

Successful football coaching requires good communicators. They know how to get their ideas and concepts across to their football players in a way that does not disparage them. They do not use negative teaching techniques such as sarcasm, screaming, and belittling. A football coach can work at a variety of levels such as the amateur level, semi-professional level, and professional level. They will have a choice of working with children, youth, or adults. They can work with players in the league clubs or football academies.

If you decide, for example, to become a community football coach then you will work with schools, clubs, and local authorities. You will use your knowledgeable football skills to help the players reach a high level of personal and social development. Your football coaching duties will include working together with local community organizations. You will do develop various opportunities for young people to become involved in sporting activities.

You will have the option of working full-time or part-time. Many coaches who work part-time spend as little as two evenings during the week for practice and then on the weekend for games and tournaments. There will also be an ongoing educational component as you attend various training matches and seminars. If you are an English football coach then you must be prepared to work in all different types of weather. Therefore, if you need a career change or if you are just about to begin your career you should consider football coaching as an option.

Other jobs include working in the medical department of a football club. Since the arrival of sports science into the game in the 1990’s lots of new roles have opened up in the game. Sports psychologists and nutritionists are now common place at most clubs and every club has a physiotherapy department along with a host of massage and soft tissue therapists.

Ways to Enjoy Watching Football

If you love watching football, there are many options available to you when you want to watch a game. In the old days, if you wanted to see some people play, you had to go to a game in person. While there might be high school or amateur games near you, if you wanted to see a Premier league game, you might have to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest city.

In addition, ticket prices for many games are extremely expensive. Taking a family of four to a top flight game can easily cost you hundreds of pounds or more. Even going to a non league game game can be quite expensive. This is why so many football fans do not bother seeing games in person, but just watch them on TV.

As was mentioned previously, there are now quite a few different ways you can watch football. The most common way is, of course, just to get satellite TV installed, and then watch games on Sky or BT sports. These two networks broadcast most of the Premier League games during the season.

Watching footballFor instance, there is Sunday Afternoon Football, which is usually a marquee match between two of the top teams in the league. This game is usually on Sky Sports. In addition, there is often a game on BT sports at lunchtime on Saturday.

Finally, there are also games played on Monday evenings. For a long time, Monday Night Football was a big deal since these games were shown on Sky. Now, however, these games are generally broadcast on BT sports and usually do not match up teams that are quite as good as those on Sundays.

You can also stream games to a tablet or mobile phone if you have the right app. The Premier League definitely wants you to watch, so they try to give you as many options as possible. Once you know about all the different ways you can watch football, you will never have to worry about finding a game to watch again.

Get Fit Playing Football

Playing football is a terrific way to have a good time and get in shape. Whether you have actually played football for several years or are just starting, there is always something new to find out about the game. Keep reading for some great ideas and tricks that could improve your game and make you a far better player.

When you initially start playing football, make sure to start slowly. Many people see football as an extremely fast-paced game, but that’s after you have actually exercised enough. You have to learn the correct kind of movements to start with. Doing these slowly can help you discover how to do them properly. You can pick up speed as you exercise and get more comfortable with them.

Anyone who is serious about playing football must have a good eating routine. Your diet plan ought to include lean proteins in addition to all type of fruits and vegetables. By introducing lean protein in your diet, you will help develop solid healthy muscles that are needed for kicking the ball accurately.

One way to improve your football skills is to go to a soccer camp. At this camp, you will discover basic passing methods along with advanced techniques such as driving the ball down field using rapid juggling techniques combined with sideways dribbling techniques. Additionally, you will find out ways to improve your shooting technique.

Now you have read this short article, you can start to make use of these ideas to end up being a far better football player. When you play football, you are joining with countless other individuals who also enjoy the game. Keep in mind the advice you have read here the next time you play football.

Fitness Plans Tailored to Football

Searching for online health and fitness information is not that simple. You could find yourself being overwhelmed, and wonder if you’ll ever begin working on your physical fitness goals. The good news is, this short article consists of some of the most efficient ways offered.

Improving your strength is necessary while trying to get fit. Lifting heavy weights for much shorter periods of time is better for the muscle mass and it will certainly minimize the possibility of getting muscular tissue stress. This also applies to running. Running harder for much shorter periods, with breaks, will help you get more powerful in a safe and also healthy way.

Keep a precise daily log. Write down just what you eat and any sort of exercise you do. You could also keep note of just how attractive the day is. You could then alter anything in your day-to-day programme that could help you get fit. If you do not work out for a couple days, jot down why.

Never workout on an empty stomach. Your body requires fuel, especially if you are putting it through a difficult and also sweat-inducing exercise. Fuel up on excellent, healthy and balanced foods that will give you the power you need to make it through your exercise and your body will certainly thank you.

If you are a jogger and want to develop endurance as well as speed, train like Kenyan runners. The first third of your run go slowly. The middle third start going for your healthy speed. At the end, run faster than normal. Each week slowly boost your starting speed, as and this will certainly help to increase both your regular and fast lane.

Always warm up initially. Muscles generate more power when they are warm. Generally, legs as well as arms are cooler than your foot region, and warming them up before getting to your major exercise programme gets the blood streaming to your muscular tissues. This means you could have a stronger exercise.

Lower your threat of cancer by including some exercising time to your timetable. Adding 30 minutes to your timetable can lessen your cancer cells risk by around 15 %. By exercising more, you could further lessen your threat for cancer cells. Modest exercise is another thing that considerably decreases threats of cancer cells too.

Do not ignore the power of the television or music players. Allowing yourself to get lost in a juicy subplot or high-energy dance mix while exercising is a good way to keep fit at the same time. You could even workout throughout your favoured situation comedy. Your mind will be glued to the screen and your feet glued to the exercise equipment.

Think about chin-ups in a different light. Focusing on pulling your body up can be a challenging thought, so rather, focus on drawing your arm joints down. Research studies show that people who think of chin-ups in this way were able to continually outmatch those who were thinking about raising their physical body weight.

As discussed at the start of this short article, getting the most effective information, and applying it to your personal training objectives, is not the most simple activity. Keeping enlightened, however, is among the vital parts of reaching your objectives. Use the tips you discovered here and success will come easily.

All You Wanted to Know About Football

When people consider sports, they normally consider basketball, rugby and tennis. However, football is an extremely fun sport. Regardless of whether you have played this game, this short article is certain to be of help. By reading below, you will find out some good tips on how you can be a first-class football player.

Always be on the look out for an easy pass you could make to a player that is open and unmarked. Do not attempt passing the ball to the best player on the team if they are not in a good position. Do not think twice about making a pass to an inexperienced player if they are wide open.

When playing football, try to use players who are more experienced than you. This will help you to play better. Older players can also help to lead you, and give you pointers that they have learned to improve your game.

football fansIt is important that you remember that football is a team effort. While it can be quite exciting to work on making goals all by yourself, you need to work on passing the ball to others. This will certainly make them feel a lot more friendly toward you, and also boost the possibilities they will return the favour.

Believe like a team player, not a lone person. Football needs a team to be genuinely efficient, so the objectives of your group are as crucial as your own.

Make sure you keep a combative spirit regarding your play. You need to show your coach that you have the ideal attitude in order to help defend your group credit rating without quiting. If you want to have a place in the main team, this is essential to your success.

Football players need to manage a vast array of emotions. At times you may seem like you’re a champion, yet other times you could seem like a loser. When you focus on favourable instead of negative thoughts, the self-confidence degree of the entire team can be boosted.

Great football players are not born – they’re made. Being a great football player will require many hours of practice in order to reach a high standard.

As a football player, you need to have a great exercise routine as well as your routine practice and also having fun time. Core enhancing workouts are optimal, but could help you prepare for the knocks you’re going to get to your stomach at times. These workouts will also assist with your stamina level to keep moving even when you are feeling exhausted.

As you have seen, football can be an exceptionally enjoyable sporting activity for everybody. If you are tired of playing the same sporting activities, think about trying football. Use the guidance offered in the above post and you could learn how you can play this sporting activity and enjoy doing it.