What Makes It the Beautiful Game

It is difficult to count the thousands of football fans in the world. But, the tremendous appeal of football does not mean that people know everything about the sport. Keep reading this article and you will acquire great knowledge of this beloved game.

Football is a sport that is recognised in all corners, particularly Europe and South America. It has a big following in Africa and Asia too. Parts of the world where it is not so well known include North America and Australasia. Both of these areas have their own sports which are not dissimilar to both football and rugby. The two codes of rugby are the major winter sports.

Canada has ice hockey and India has cricket but for many other nations, football is the main spectator sport. The World Cup is usually second only to the Olympics as a global festival of sport!

Although ancient history shows evidence of football like sports being played in antiquity, it is generally recognised that football as we know it today was spawned in England in the 1800s and spread throughout the British empire and across Europe in the time period after that. The big South American nations had large European migration in the 19th Century to which the global spread of football is attributed.

The major football festivals such as the World Cup, European Championships and the African Cup of Nations get huge audienec figures around the globe and attract vast sums of money in sponsorship. Even to the point where the sports governing body, FIFA, is constantly accused of corruption!

Hooliganism is a problem that has dogged football for many years and even with the advent of all seater stadia the problem still exists. Even to the point where there is genuine concern about Russian Ultra thugs lying in wait at the 2018 World Cup that they are hosting. This is the dark side of football and can be very sinister.

Football is a sport that has a long, fabled history in countries across the globe. Despite that fact, there are plenty of people who don’t know about the sport. Hopefully this article has helped make clear a few of the fundamentals of the game and why it is so popular.