Ways to Enjoy Watching Football

If you love watching football, there are many options available to you when you want to watch a game. In the old days, if you wanted to see some people play, you had to go to a game in person. While there might be high school or amateur games near you, if you wanted to see a Premier league game, you might have to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest city.

In addition, ticket prices for many games are extremely expensive. Taking a family of four to a top flight game can easily cost you hundreds of pounds or more. Even going to a non league game game can be quite expensive. This is why so many football fans do not bother seeing games in person, but just watch them on TV.

As was mentioned previously, there are now quite a few different ways you can watch football. The most common way is, of course, just to get satellite TV installed, and then watch games on Sky or BT sports. These two networks broadcast most of the Premier League games during the season.

Watching footballFor instance, there is Sunday Afternoon Football, which is usually a marquee match between two of the top teams in the league. This game is usually on Sky Sports. In addition, there is often a game on BT sports at lunchtime on Saturday.

Finally, there are also games played on Monday evenings. For a long time, Monday Night Football was a big deal since these games were shown on Sky. Now, however, these games are generally broadcast on BT sports and usually do not match up teams that are quite as good as those on Sundays.

You can also stream games to a tablet or mobile phone if you have the right app. The Premier League definitely wants you to watch, so they try to give you as many options as possible. Once you know about all the different ways you can watch football, you will never have to worry about finding a game to watch again.